• ​Basic Bikini                 $28                                    
  • French Bikini              $40
  • Brazilian Bikini           $55
  • ​Eyebrows                  $15​
  • Lip/Chin/Nose/Toes    $10
  • Full Face                   $50
  • Underarms                $20
  • Full Arms                 $40
  • Half Arms                $25
  • Full Leg                   $75
  • Inner Thigh              $25 
  • Upper Half Leg         $50
  • Lower Half Leg         $30

Service Descriptions

Basic Bikini is removal of any hair that pops out of a standard bikini bottom

French Bikini  is a great happy medium between Basic/Brazilian

Brazilian Bikini is every nook and cranny


Planning and Preparation

First we recommend the area be clean. In order for waxing to be successful, the hair needs to be a

minimum of a quarter of an inch or 10 - 14 days of hair growth. This rule of thumb especially applies

to first timers who have a history of shaving.


If you are hungover, tired, under the weather or on your cycle you will be more sensitive during this

time perhaps.. you want to pick a happier time to get waxed. 


Shaving in between waxing will interrupt the growth cycle, making you more prone to ingrown hairs

and make your next waxing experience not so pleasant.


Please do let your therapist know if you have been on any skin medications i.e.

(Retin-A, Accutane, topical prescription creams) Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, or diabetic.


Once we are all good to go...breathe and relax to create a softer body and you will soon see the

experience isn't so bad after all.



is a for full frontal  tidy hair is  removed from the scrotum. 



full frontal tidy all hair is removed from the front, backside, shaft and scrotum



Full frontal only 


Get Cheeky

removes hair from the butt cheeks and in between. 



Waxing for Him:

  • Eyebrow Clean Up    $20
  • Neck Wax               $15
  • Nostrils                    $10
  • Neck &Shoulders       $25
  • Half Back                 $25
  • Full Back                  $65
  • Chest                       $35
  • Abs/Stomach            $25
  • Half Arms                $25
  • Full Arms                 $40
  • Upper Legs               $60
  • Lower Legs               $45
  • Full Legs                  $75
  • Feet or Toes              $15
  • Hands or Knuckles     $15
  • Ears                        $15

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